Bays Environmental Remediation Management (BERM)

Bays Environmental Remediation Management is an employee owned and operated company. The 40% of the
gross company profit is distributed to the project team (project managers, senior QA/QC review,  task
managers and project professionals). We reward revenue generators, hardworking field and office personnel
that make the company grow. Employee ownership program gives opportunity to our project professionals to
buy parent company shares (Bays Investment, Inc.) using a portion of their annual bonuses.

If you are a self starter, have experience taking on environmental projects from beginning to end,
we want to
talk to you
. We want you to be part of our project team and possibly management team. Your employment
contract/offer letter will clearly outline how can you be part of the ownership of Bays Investment, Inc. and
secure your retirement with our real estate investment.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with Bays Environmental Remediation Management, send your
resume and career objective to

Bays Environmental Remediation Management is looking for teaming partners to work on VacCirc and our
other innovative remediation programs for marketing, implementation and application. If you are interested in
being part of our team, please send an e-mail to