Bays Environmental Remediation Management (BERM)
Project Summaries
Note: The pictures may not be related to  projects
Former Dry Cleaner, Indianapolis, Indiana. Remediation pilot study using petrophysical testing (capillary
curve), sizing SVE blower and pilot testing. BERM provided equipment, operation and maintenance for 90-day pilot test
and follow up remediation effort using SVE.
Former Chemical Blending Facility, Rancho Dominguez, California. Project Management
for a chemical oxidation and two-phase extraction project for methylene chloride impacted soil and groundwater
site in Los Angeles California. The regulatory site closure was granted by the oversight agency  after remediation.
Former Aerospace Facility, Long Beach, California. Program Management for the implementation of soil and
groundwater assessment and monitoring projects at a former aircraft production facility undergoing redevelopment. Managed
seven field crew simultaneously, performing various duties including aquifer testing, SVE pilot testing, drilling and well
installation, groundwater sampling, and direct push investigation.
Edwards Air Force Base, Lancaster, California. Project Management for two-phase/multiphase extraction feasibility
tests at three locations. One site TCE concentration reduced below the site specific remediation levels in 45 days of
operation. The other sites, reduced thickness of LNAPL about one foot in all observation wells in 46 days of operation.
Former Gateway Chevrolet, Buena Park, California. Project Management for a former auto dealership facility
with a fuel hydrocarbon plume extending off site. Designed and performed two-phase extraction. Site closure was obtained from
the local oversight agency after 7 months of system operation.  
Assessment and remediation activities for a large pipeline company in Southern California. Project Management for
multiple sites in Southern California,  Eastern Arizona and El Paso, Texas. Assisted in pipeline emergency response
activities and coordinated follow up remediation activities.  Prepared insurance billing documents for multiple sites and
defensible arguments as to why the cost should be covered by the insurance carriers. Obtained five regulatory case
closures in a three-year period.
Former Gas Station, Los Angeles, CA. Project Management and Senior Review. The site was an underground storage
tank (UST) fund site. The subsurface Soil and groundwater at the site was contaminated with gasoline, MTBE and TBA.
Performed feasibility studies including aquifer testing, vapor extraction testing and groundwater modeling. Invented,
designed and installed a two-phase extraction system to meet the site remediation objectives. On site wells were
cleaned with two-phase extraction after two years of system operation. The off site plume was remediated using in-situ
chemical oxidation  (ISCO) with sodium persulfate and hydrogen peroxide. Site closure was obtained after ISCO and a
year of groundwater monitoring.
Pipeline Investigation, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA. Project Management,  coordination of the field activities with
Marine Corps, obtaining a permit for investigation in a wetlands from the Marine Corps, performing seismic refraction
survey, groundwater assessment using Geoprobe and Hydropunch groundwater sampling, pre-investigation
conceptual groundwater modeling using QUICKFLOW software.
Groundwater Treatment System Upgrade and MTBE Assessment, San Diego, CA. Major bulk fuel terminal facility site.
Upgraded groundwater treatment system that was failed before with redundant controls, visual inspection tanks, and  new
O&M manual. In addition, performed investigation of MTBE plume with innovative well cluster and step out borings/wells
design. The MTBE plume which was found to be over 1000 feet was completely assessed in expedited multi weeks
sampling and well installation effort. This effort required complete agency cooperation and interaction with the third party
for access for all step out borings/wells, expedited approval of sampling locations and work plan addenda. A GIS base
conceptual site model was prepared and updated monthly. Modified quarterly groundwater sampling program reducing
the cost of sampling to half of what it was before.  
Site Investigation, Glass Manufacturing Facility, El Monte, CA. Major site characterization study where migration of
chlorinated hydrocarbons through confining clay layers. The results of this study indicated that clay layer sufficient to create
fractures and allow penetration through the confining clay layer. As a result, the client was removed from a PRP list for a
major groundwater contamination site.
Former Refinery, Bakersfield, California. Remedial option development and evaluation of several light
non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) release areas and preparation of remedial options report.