Mehmet Pehlivan, PG, CHG, QSD,
President and Principal Hydrogeologist.

Mr. Pehlivan has over 30 years of professional experience in performing environmental
assessment, feasibility studies, and providing innovative remediation solutions for Oil
Companies, Industrial Clients and Real estate developers in Southern California. He add
value to our clients' project with his indefatigable work ethic, patient and persistent
pursue of project goals. He will perform field work as necessary, drilling wells, performing
aquifer and pilot testing, inspecting remediation system as well as negotiating complex
site closures with regulatory agency representatives and preparing and presenting
project case summaries to management team, lawyers and professional organizations.
Mr. Pehlivan  possesses strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, provides
patentable, innovative solutions, prepares defensible arguments for site closure and
prepares plans for complex remediation and assessment case scenarios.  He is a
licensed professional geologist in California and Arizona, Certified Hydrogeologist in
California. He is also a qualified SWPPP developer/practitioner (QSD/QSP).

Mr. Pehlivan’s full resume can be viewed here

The strength of our team is that we reach across company boundaries to form
the best and the most qualified team to solve any environmental project
challenges. Our no ego, no greed policies allows us to form the most effective
and functional project teams.

Our teaming partners include:
•        Certified Hydrogeologists (CHG),
•        Professional Geologists (PG),
Professional Engineers (PE),
•        Brownfield Experts,
•        Chemical Oxidation Experts,
•        Groundwater Modelers,
•        Risk Assessment Specialists,
•        Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)
•        Technicians,
•        Groundwater Sampling Specialists,
•        Equipment Suppliers, Fabricators and Manufacturers,
•        Petroleum Contractors,
•        Real Estate Developers,
•        Commercial Bankers/Brokers,
•        Technical Writers/Editors,

We are constantly looking for team members. If you are interested, please send
us a brief e-mail at ( with your interest, your company
information (if applicable) and a short resume.

We have an aggressive employee profit sharing program. We distribute 30% of
our company pre-tax profit to Project Managers and Projects Professionals as a
yearly bonus.